El término “jazzy” engloba muy bien el concepto de este trabajo. Su traducción literal es “llamativo”, o “sincopado” cuando se habla de música, y en varias ocasiones los mismos clientes lo definieron así. Me pareció un adjetivo muy acertado y decidí adoptarlo por su frescura y sencillez. “Jazzy” es expresión pura plasmada en composiciones de colores muy vivos. Un sin sentido con formas armónicas. Es mi trabajo más personal y mi técnica más original, con gestos, trazos y salpicaduras que diferencian mi lenguaje artístico de cualquier otro.

Abstract Landscapes

I have always been captivated by a wide horizon to rest in. That gratifying feeling of having a peaceful mind because my eye is relaxed.

For that reason, I paint landscapes. Like to see them as a series of frames where I can rest my mind.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstraction as a way of expressing myself.

I use different supports and techniques to create abstract places, beings and environments. There is a purpose of expression behind each one of my works: a thought and/or an emotion. 

About me

I was born in Valladolid in !975. Since my adolescence ,I have changed my residence on numerous occasions, living in different places in Spain and on the European continent. Restless in mind and eager for motivation, I am aware now of the influence that current artistic and social events during my adolescence had in my creative process.

Contemporary of the squatter movement in the 90s , I lived in an environment that encouraged my introduction to painting; musicians, photographers, writers, dancers, clowns and all kings of artists invited reflection and criticism to me. This was the breeding ground for development of my personality as creator,

Vibrant island

Lanzarote is an island full of particularities, which make it a very special place. “Vibrant island” arises as a need to play and colour with the cacti, orography, bugs and idiosyncrasy of the island where I live.

It is an on-going project where I keep adding designs and products. All the products can be found in the street markets where I sell in Lanzarote. All these works are original drawings, illustrations and small canvases painted with watercolour and gouache technique. Colourful memories of the island with a personal and unique style.