The term “jazzy” reflects very well the concept of these paintings. Its literal translation is “flashy”, or “syncopated” when talking about music. Some customers told me they found these paintings “jazzy”, and I decided to adopt this term for its freshness and simplicity. “Jazzy” is pure expression embodied in bright colour compositions. A nonsense full of harmonic forms. They are my most personal artworks and my most original technique because it combines gestures, strokes and splashes making my artistic language different from any other. The base used for these works is high-quality, heavy-weight, coarse grained paper, and mixed media since I use acrylic paint and watercolour ink, monotype, and India ink on some occasions. Support size is normally 50cm x 70 cm, although sometimes I can make 100cm x 70cm works and 24cm x 30cm mini-series, too.

En mis nuevos proyectos (actualmente en proceso) estoy comenzando a realizar esta técnica en formato superior a un metro  en tela y experimentando con otros materiales sintéticos.

Partner in laugh 2023

Afterglow 2023

Magic hug 2023

Gullible 2023

A shoulder to cry on 2023

deep blue 2023

Every step is moving me on 2021

Dance in red and black 2023

Folky and greeny 2023

Flamingo pink 2022

Cosmic game 2023

Give in to desire

I dress up as you 2023

Kiss deep 2023

Gravity sound 2023

Sutil mess 2022

I just can accept it , so…

Ice scream 2023

Like eating watermelon on the beach

Looking for an apple three

Love awareness

Lovely cooperation

Mañana de carnaval

My lttle world

Next level

Strawberry kiss

Nice to see you

No borders podcast

No, I am not seventeen, so..

Our healthy bounderies



Remember , it is a worthwhile job sometimes 2021

Role casting.

Skating at night

Thanks for just being

The attempt